Dark Drabbles July

I enjoy the challenge of writing drabbles (exactly 100 words) and last month I participated in another monthly drabble challenge by Black Hare Press. The July Dark Moments theme was ‘WAR’ with the following criteria: Can have medieval, modern day, science fiction, supernatural, gangs, speculative fiction vibes, armies of ants, Alice in Wonderland. Conflict between opposing factions. WAR.

With the usual roundabout of ideas to pick and choose from, I settled on conflict with an unseen enemy. Only 12 drabbles are selected for publication each month, and I’m happy to announce that my story “Dual” was accepted. You can read this story online by clicking on the hyperlink below:


A Black Hare Press Dark Moment Publication

Dual adjective having to do with two or having two parts

As opposed to

Duel noun a fight or contest between two people, using swords or pistols

Easily confused.

Like my main character.

Though both are relevant.

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