Dark Moments Monthly Drabble Challenge

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Another month, another writing challenge and Black Hare Press continues to tempt me with its Dark Moments monthly drabble challenge. The theme for September was Halloween, and stories had to be exactly 100 words. When I say exactly, that’s exactly what it means and I always have fun making sure elipses (…) don’t add to my word count, a thing I’ve recently discovered.

Halloween stories are perfect for the publication’s requirements: dark, scary, horror, weird. But I can never resist injecting a hint of humor into my writing. Only twelve stories are chosen for publication each month, and I’m pleased to say that my humor paid off (literally) and my story ‘Pumpkin Head’ was chosen as one of the twelve winning entries.

You can read my drabble by following the link below. I hope you enjoy.

Pumpkin Head

A Black Hare Press Dark Moments Publication

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Clean Sheet

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