What’s Your Adventure?

Have you ever wanted to be the hero of your own story?

Well, now you can, with Story City. They’ve just launched a shiny new app that hosts interactive stories that only open when you’re in the right physical location—things like choose your adventures, puzzle trails, and the like.

You can check out my story, Rumours Uncut, and at the same time discover some cool historical information about the featured suburb, Salisbury, Queensland, or you can choose another adventure from the list of stories developed by other creatives. Even better, all the stories are free!

Plus, now the app is open to creators you should be seeing a bunch more new stories appearing in your location city allowing you to be the hero of your own adventure!

Cool, how do I do that?

If this is your first time adventuring, download it here. If you were an adventure in the past, and you’d like to continue having adventures on the app in the future (whether it’s as a pirate looking for pirate treasure, a puzzle solver, or a social justice warrior) you will need to create an account on the new system.

As an added bonus, if you sign up this week in the new app, you will be marked on the platform as an Original Adventurer which will entitle you to some sweet future perks like discounts, exclusives, and badges.

  • Android: Just update the app in your Google Play store, open it up, and tap the Library button on the bottom right. You can follow the bread crumbs from there to set up your account!
  • iOS: We’ve created a new app store listing for this shiny creation, here’s a direct link to download it. Once installed just open the app and tap on the Library button on the bottom right.  You can follow the bread crumbs from there to set up your account!

Hold on, you’re saying I can become a creator for this thing?

You sure can! Story City Creatives has just launched new creator tools which make it super simple to create (and sell!) interactive adventures in your city, using the media you already use to create.

So if your city doesn’t have any stories, why not create the first? Sign up as a creator here!

So what are you waiting for?

The adventure starts with you.

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