New Story Release: The Dig Tree

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13th February 1861: “If I turn my face to the east, I can taste the salt in the sea breeze. However, a murky swampland filled with twisted mangroves blocks our path to the ocean. Had Burke heeded my warning about the extreme weather in this country, we would not be caught in monsoonal rains that threaten to drown us. Father, I am losing faith in my leader. I am losing faith in this expedition. I fear Burke’s ignorance of the perils in this land will see my death before I see your face again —”

The Dig Tree by Pauline Yates

My latest short story, The Dig Tree, is available to read at The Casket of Fictional Delights. It’s also available in podcast and narrated by Jonathan Alley.

The Dig Tree is based on the true story of Robert Burke and William Wills, who together with John King and Charles Gray became the first Europeans to travel the length of Australia from South to North. Combined with diary entries written by Will to his father, the story concerns their struggle to survive Australia’s harsh outback during the final days of their ill-fated journey.

To Read/Listen to The Dig Tree CLICK HERE

Want to read more? The Casket of Fictional Delights is home to many fabulous short stories, flash fiction and podcasts. Check out what they have on offer in their Stories and Podcasts sections.

I hope you enjoy the story and thanks for stopping by.

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