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I have new stories to share this month, plus some exciting new anthologies to announce. Stories first:

My love affair with drabbles continues with my latest acceptance in Black Hare Press’s Dark Moments Monthly challenge. The theme for June was Killer Flamingos and we were challenged to write exactly 100 words featuring the theme. Creating a suitable story required some deep thought, but I’m pleased to say my effort was rewarded. Only twelve drabbles are chosen for publication each month, mine being one of them. Here’s the link to my Flamingo drabble:

Gone Fishing

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My next short story just released is also with Black Hare Press. This story was chosen as the winner of their Patreon Monthly Short Story challenge. The beauty of supporting a small independent press via Patreon is the access to writing opportunities not open to everyone. Becoming a Patreon is a win/win for both publisher and writer/s. Supporting a small independent press through a teeny monthly contribution helps to keep the publisher afloat so they can continue to provide paid submission opportunities to all writers, Patreon or not. In return, Patreons receive various benefits ranging from early access to writing opportunities, monthly competitions, and early access to a variety of publications.

My winning story is a thrilling horror including teenage vandals and futuristic guard dogs. It’s available now on Patreon (that’s the early access benefit) but it will also be published in an anthology at the end of the year. But why wait, right?

Security Upgrade

Security Upgrade/Pauline Yates/Black Hare Press

On to new anthology releases:

Reading 5X5 x3: Changes published by Metaphorosis

This anthology takes 15 stories from Metaphorosis authors, including mine, and shows the revision process from submission to publication. Each story includes the final published version, the original submitted version, and an author and editor summary detailing the feedback during the revision process. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to get a story published, this anthology is for you. It includes a bonus section about common writing flaws, what to avoid, and how to fix them based on the included stories.

The anthology is available for pre-purchase now and it launches on 23 July, 2022. Click the link above for details.

Last but not least, I’m featured in another anthology release and this one comes with a book launch.

That is TOO Wrong: An anthology of Off-Beat Horror Vol 11 edited by Jan-Andrew Henderson.

This anthology includes stories from award-winning authors and is due for release August 6th, 2022. To celebrate the release, we’re holding a free event at Avid Reader, Brisbane, on Monday 8th August, 2022. All the details are below and we’d love to see you in person or via Zoom. Register your interest here:

Avid Reader Events: That is TOO Wrong – Panel – with Pauline Yates, Pamela Jeffs, and Jan-Andrew Henderson.

I’ve given you plenty to read this month, but there’s one more book I’d like to give a shout out to:

The Foundation of Plot: A Wait, Wait, Don’t Query (Yet!) Book published by Elena Hartwell.

Elena is the author of “All We Buried” and earlier novels titled “One Dead, Two to Go”, “Two Heads Are Deader Than One” and “Three Strikes, You’re Dead.” Her latest book is about the craft of writing, and having worked with Elena, I’m certain there will be pearls of writing wisdom within these pages. My copy is winging its way to me and I can wait to get a refresher course on everything she taught me but I’ve probably forgotten. The Foundation of Plot is out now and you’ll find it via the link above.

Happy reading everyone, and thanks for stopping by.


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