2022 Eligibility Post and Publication Round-up.

It’s that time of the year when authors put together their eligibility posts to highlight work they published throughout the year. These posts are important because the horror/science fiction/fantasy award season is just around the corner, and posting links to publications helps readers find the stories they loved, and the stories they missed.

Below is a list of the stories I’ve published throughout the year. I still have a couple of pending releases, and I’ll add them to this post when they come out. Some stories can be read online for free, and others are in anthologies. If you’d like a copy of anything to consider for your recommended reading list, please contact me.  

Short Stories

Day 33 (Horror) – Black Hare Press/Patreon – January

The Happiness Man (Horror) – Tales To Terrify Podcast – February (Listen Online)

The Dig Tree (Dark Historical) – The Casket of Fictional Delights – March (Read/Listen Online)

The Now Effect (Science Fiction) – Etherea Magazine – June

Security Upgrade (Horror) – Black Hare Press/Patreon – July

The Killing Pen (Horror) – Black Hart Publishing/That is TOO Wrong – August

The Ghost of Christmas Past (Horror) – Nightmare Fuel Magazine – December (Read Online)

Drabbles (100 words)

The Greatest Show on Earth (Horror) – Black Hare Press/Dark Moments – January (Read Online)

Twice the Pleasure (Horror) – Black Hare Press/Dark Moments – February (Read Online)

New Sight (Horror) – Black Hare Press – Punk: Cyber/Bio/Diesel/Steam  – March

Blindsided (Horror) – Black Hare Press – Punk: Cyber/Bio/Diesel/Steam – March

A.M.A.N.D.A. (Horror) – Black Hare Press – Punk: Cyber/Bio/Diesel/Steam – March

Dead Promise (Horror) – Black Hare Press – Punk: Cyber/Bio/Diesel/Steam – March

Dressed to Kill (Horror) – Black Hare Press/Dark Moments – April (Read Online)

A Pact with the Devil (Horror) – Black Ink fiction – April (Read Online)

Pinch (Horror) – Black Hare Press/Patreon – April

Petals Don’t Lie (Horror) – Horror Tree/Trembling with Fear – April (Read Online)

Gone Fishing (Horror) – Black Hare Press/Dark Moments – June (Read Online)

Breathe (Dark Fantasy) – Iron Faerie Publishing/The Four Horseman/Plague – August

Bon Apetit (Horror) – The Horror Tree/Trembling with Fear – August (Read Online)

Fallen Angels (Dark Fantasy) – Black Hare Press/Dark Moments – September (Read Online)

Drained (Horror) – Black Hare Press/Dark Moments – September (Read Online)

Mrs Nagalot (Horror) – Black Hare Press/Nom Nom: Hallowe’en Dark Drabbles– October

Payback (Horror) – Black Hare Press/Nom Nom; Hallowe’en Dark Drabbles – October

The Devil’s Breath (Horror) – Black Hare Press/Dark Moments – October (Read Online)

First Person, Present Tense (Horror) – Black Hare Press/Dark Moments/AI – December (Read Online)

A Pony For Christmas (Horror) – Black Hare Press/Dark Moments/Christmass – December (Read online)


Destiny (Dark Fantasy) – Black Hare Press – Eldritch & Ether – May

Ascension (Dark Fantasy) – Black Hare Press – Eldritch & Ether – May

The Fox’s Cry (Speculative) – Black Hare Press – Eldritch & Ether – May

Reprints (not award eligible)

The Secret Keeper (Fantasy) – Metaphorosis/5X5x3: Changes – August

Renascent (Horror) – PseudoPod – August (Read/Listen Online)

Other writing things I did this year was to help judge the 2021 Australian Shadows Awards in the poetry category. Reading all the fantastic entries was a pleasure. I’ve put my hand up to judge the awards again this year and I’m thoroughly enjoying reading and assessing the collected fiction and non-fiction entries.

I also threw myself into the query trenches for the first time with my debut novel. That was a soul-crushing experience I’d rather not repeat, and for a while there, I considered printing out my novel, tucking it under my pillow, and keeping it all to myself. But I’m not one to give up, not after all the years of hard work I’ve put in. So I persisted, and I’m pleased to say my efforts paid off. I found the perfect publisher for me, and my novel is due for release in early 2023. Stay tuned for the cover reveal.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has supported my stories throughout the year. And thank you to the publishers for giving my stories a home. I wish you all happy reading for the rest of the year. I look forward to sharing new stories in 2023.

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