Cover Reveal: Memories Don’t Lie

I’ve always been fascinated by déjà vu. It had to be more than coincidence, thinking you’ve done something before. I’m also curious about organ donation and how a recipient can sometimes adopt the donor’s traits. Add in my interest in gene doping in sports, DNA transfer to enhance physical traits, and the cellular memory hypothesis that suggests cells can store memories, all of that put together is the backdrop to this story.

Pauline Yates on Memories Don’t lie – Black Hare Press

I’m thrilled to reveal the cover for my upcoming debut sci-fi novel, Memories Don’t Lie.

This fast-paced action/adventure is published by Black Hare Press and set for a March 11, 2023 release.

To get the inside scoop on what’s behind the cover, check out my interview with Black Hare Press.

Memories Don’t Lie – Interview – Black Hare Press


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