Memories Don’t Lie Release Day Roundup

My debut sci-fi novel, Memories Don’t Lie released on March 11, just under a week ago. To celebrate, my publisher Black Hare Press organised a #MemoriesDontLieLaunchParty on Facebook. It was a super fun and fast event and included many authors who joined in the celebration with #AuthorTakeover allocated timeslots. With games and giveaways, there was something for everyone to participate in. You can still browse through the posts, including mine, which is like walking through a bookstore and playing games as you go. To see what we got up to, check out the event here: #MemoriesDontLieLaunchParty

Over the release day weekend, I also had the pleasure of chatting with Elena Hartwell Taylor of All We Buried fame and The Foundation of Plot, a Wait, Wait, Don’t Query (Yet!) guidebook. She put together our chat in an author interview on her The Mystery of Writing Blog. You can read it here: Memories Don’t Lie: Sci-Fi Debut: Author Interview with Elena Hartwell

I’m so pleased to read from the early reviews that Memories Don’t Lie is right up there for reader satisfaction. Here are some review snippets:

This work expertly balances the internal uncertainties of a seventeen year old with the unrelenting action of a thriller. Description and dialogue are crisp and clear and at no point do you get bogged down in unrequired material or interactions. This is extremely well done given the need for the use of memory to be so central to the story.


Exploring genetic mutations and memories, and layers of expertly pulled-off secrets and reveals, this action-packed sci-fi story is as thrilling as it is entertaining. Full of characters you’ll want to root for, a touch of romance, and twists that will have you turning every page, it’s a confident and well-written debut from an author who knows how to craft an adventurous and edgy tale.


This fast paced, military science fiction novel jumps head first into the question of what makes us who we are, and what happens when our every memory and action may not actually be ours. All the tried and tested memes of military science fiction are here – hardened soldiers, struggle of good vs evil, an outsider trying to win their way into a tight knit group – to keep fans of the genre satisfied, with enough variations to broaden its appeal to a wider audience.


From the first chapter, Sarah Wilson’s story grabs you like a rabid dog and shakes you in its mouth until the final page. Memories Don’t Lie is jam-packed with fast-paced action – without sacrificing character development or story.


Memories Don’t Lie is available now in digital, paperback and hardcover. Check out the links below:


Signed orders:

Book Merch:

As an added giveaway, if you purchase a paperback or hardcover before the end of March, I’ll send you a Memories Don’t Lie bookmark. Simply email me proof of purchase and your postal address and I’ll send your gift in the mail.

Happy Reading.

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