The First Draft is the Idea; Editing Finds the Story.

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A writer chat with Savannah Gilbo, Fiction Writing Made Easy Podcast

I had the pleasure of chatting with Savannah Gilbo on her Fiction Writing Made Easy Podcast. Savannah helped with the structural edits in my new release, Memories Don’t Lie. We talked about the editing process that she took me through, how I turned an idea into a story, and how she helped me to find my character’s voice (and mine).

I also shared insight into my querying journey, and why I chose to go with an independent publisher. We talked about how writing short stories helped hone my novel-writing skills, how I developed my characters and my struggles with world-building. And we finished off with some tips for writers who receive more rejections than acceptances.

If you’re looking for guidance in any of those areas, you can listen to the podcast on the link below. I hope you enjoy it.

Ep. 89 – Student Spotlight: How She Used Short Stories to Hone Her Craft (and Publish Her Debut Novel) with Pauline Yates
Links: – digital, paperback, hardcover.

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