Plague (4 Horseman Book 3) – Iron Faerie Publishing

Plague! The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! Four figures in the Book of Revelations who symbolize the evils to come at the end of the world. 

Features my story ‘Breathe’.

Reading 5X5 x3: Changes – Metaphorosis

Edited by B. Morris Allen, this unique anthology reveals what it takes for a story to move from ‘maybe’ to ‘published’. Includes first and final versions of 15 selected stories, the editor’s initial feedback, author notes, and revision notes about the editorial process.

Includes a bonus list of common writing flaws using examples from the stories in the anthology.

Features my story ‘The Secret Keeper’, and includes the original submitted story.

That is TOO Wrong! An anthology of Offbeat Horror: Vol II

Edited by Jan-Andrew Henderson, this collection of offbeat horror tales from award-winning authors includes my story, “The Killing Pen”.

Eldritch and Ether (Poetry Book 1) – Black Hare Press

A beautiful anthology of horror and dark speculative poetry by various authors, including my poems: “Destiny”,Ascension”, and “The Fox’s Cry”.

Punk: Cyber / Bio / Diesel / Steam Punk Tiny Tales (Tiny Tales of Terror Book 1) 

A Black Hare Press publication containing 57 micro tales of terror including four of my stories: “Dead Promise”; “A.M.A.N.D.A”, “Blindsided”, and “New Sight”.


Year Three: Dark Moments and Patreon – Black Hare Press – a culmination of all the nano- tales published in the Dark Moments online archive during 2021. To Buy CLICK HERE

Midnight Echo #16 – AHWA – includes ‘The Best Medicine‘. To buy CLICK HERE

il Bar Subito Dopo (The Bar Immediately After)RiLL Riflessi di Luce Lunare Association  – includes ‘The Best Medicine’ translated. To buy CLICK HERE

The Lost Librarians Grave – Redwood Press – includes ‘The Jump’. To Buy CLICK HERE

666 Dark Drabbles – Black Hare Press – includes ‘Well Done’. To buy CLICK HERE

Metaphorosis June 2021 – Metaphorosis Books – includes ‘The Secret Keeper’. To Buy CLICK HERE

Reading 5X5: Writer’s Edition – Metaphorosis – includes ‘In the Absence of Time‘. To buy CLICK HERE

Best Vegan Science Fiction & Fantasy 2018 (Best Vegan SFF Book 3) – includes ‘Replica’ (reprint) – Metaphorosis Books – to buy CLICK HERE

Bete Noire issue #27 – includes ‘Seven’. To buy CLICK HERE

Story City Creatives – featuring Rumours Uncut, a digital interactive Choose-Your-Adventure story. To participate online for free CLICK HERE

Score: an SFF symphony: an anthology of emotion. To buy CLICK HERE

Score – an SFF symphony: an anthology of emotion – music/YouTube. To listen CLICK HERE

Metaphorosis August 2017 – Metaphorosis Books – includes ‘An Aftertaste of Earth’. To Buy CLICK HERE

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