Dark Drabble Roundup

I had lots of fun writing drabbles last month and my effort has been rewarded with not one, but two new publications with Black Hare Press.

My first accepted drabble was for the Dark Moments Monthly Challenge: Theme – Zippers.

My story, Dressed To Kill, is online now.


My second accepted drabble was for another story about zips (and it reveals my wicked sense of humor.)

My story, Pinch, is also online at Black Hare Press Patreon.


New Dark Fiction

Photo by James Lee on Pexels.com

I love a dark drabble so could not resist the call from two publishers for themed submissions. Both my offerings were accepted for publication and are now available to read.

The first story is “A Pact with the Devil” and is published by Black Ink Fiction for their April theme, ‘Renewal’. You can read the story HERE.

My second story is “Petals Don’t Lie’, a creepy drabble published by Horror Tree/Trembling with Fear. You can read this story HERE.

Looking ahead, I have more stories coming out with Black Hare Press, including dark speculative poetry in the soon-to-released ‘Eldritch and Ether’ (Poetry Book 1). Pre-orders are available HERE.

New Anthology Release: Punk -Cyber / Bio / Diesel / Steam Punk

The latest anthology from Black Hare Press has been released today and if you like steampunk, cyberpunk, biopunk, dieselpunk, then this book is for you. It contains 57 mind-bending tales of terror from 27 authors, including four stories from me. Purchase details are here:

Punk: Cyber/Bio/Diesel/Steam Punk Tiny Tales (Tiny Tales of Terror Book 1)

2021 Australian Shadows Awards Finalists Announced

The Australian Shadows Awards are annual literary awards presented by the Australian Horror Writers Association (AHWA) to celebrate the best in horror and dark fiction published by an Australian/New Zealand/Oceania resident within the calendar year. Entries are judged on their overall effect within the horror genre based on the author’s skill, delivery, and lasting resonance.

Shortlists for categories including Non-Fiction, Poetry, Graphic novel, Edited Works, Collected Works, Long Fiction, Short Fiction and Novel, are determined by a panel of judges, and the shortlisted nominees are announced prior to the official category winner’s announcement a few weeks later.

This year, I had the honour of participating on the judging panel as convenor for the Poetry category. This category attracted many entries and the high quality of all work submitted showcased the talent lurking in our Australasian writers. It was a pleasure working with my fellow judges as we read and rated each poem, and we certainly had our work cut out for us when it came to deciding the shortlist. On behalf of the poetry judges, I’d like to commend all the authors for their submissions and congratulate those who made our shortlist. These poems stood out for excellence in writing, originality, and execution.

I’ve also had the honour of being a finalist in the Short Fiction category with my entry, The Best Medicine. I am so proud of this story. It’s having a wonderful journey through the literary world, starting with winning the 2020 AHWA Short Story competition, then published in Midnight Echo #16, translated for The Bar Immediately After, Mondi Incantati series with RiLL, Italy, and now a finalist in the Australian Shadows Awards Short Fiction category. Where will it take me next? Only the future knows.

For now, please congratulate this year’s Australian Shadow Awards finalists:


Vampire Poetry by Kyla Lee Ward (Hippocampus Press)

I’m Looking Right At You, HP Lovecraft by Jack Dann (IFWG)

The Curious Reclassification of Peter Benchley’s Jaws by Kris Ashton (Aurealis Magazine)

Capturing Ghosts on the Page by Kaaron Warren (Brain Jar Press)

Murder Down Under by Anthony Ferguson (Exposit Books)


“When The Girls Began To Fall” by Geneve Flynn (Tortured Willows: Bent. Bowed. Unbroken. Yuriko Publishing LLC)

“Sonnet for a Scarecrow” by Rebecca Fraser (Curioser Magazine, issue 1)

“Cheongsam” by Lee Murray (Tortured Willows: Bent. Bowed. Unbroken. Yuriko Publishing LLC)

“Guest of Honour” by Geneve Flynn (Tortured Willows: Bent. Bowed. Unbroken. Yuriko Publishing LLC)

“Snip” by P.S. Cottier (Midnight Echo 16, AHWA)

“Exquisite” by Lee Murray (Tortured Willows: Bent. Bowed. Unbroken. Yuriko Publishing LLC)


Frankie’s Drive-In Ozploitation Double Feature by Aaron Harvie (Badharvie)

Goetia by Robert Buratti (Sub Rosa Publishing)

The Mycelium Complex, Issue 2 by Daniel Reed (Nautilus Illustrations)


SNAFU: Holy War, edited by Amanda J Spedding and Geoff Brown (Cohesion Press)

Midnight Echo #16, edited by Tim Hawken (AHWA)

Spawn: Weird Horror Tales About Pregnancy, Birth and Babies, edited by Deborah Sheldon (IFWG Publishing Australia)


The Tallow-Wife and Other Tales by Angela Slatter (Tartarus Press)

Tool Tales by Karron Warren (IFWG Publishing, Australia)

Seeds by Tabatha Wood (Wild Wood Books)

Inanimates by Joanne Anderton (Brain Jar Press)

Danged Black Thing by Eugen Bacon (Transit Lounge Publishing)


“Bad Apple” by Louise Pieper (Good Southern Witches, Curious Blue Press)

“A Good Big Brother” by Matt Tighe (Spawn: Weird Horror Tales About Pregnancy, Birth and Babies, IFWG Publishing Australia)

“Tagged” by Chuck McKenzie (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine)

“The Best Medicine” by Pauline Yates (Midnight Echo 16, AHWA)

“The Steering Wheel Club” by Kaaron Warren (Giving the Devil His Due, Running Wild Press)


Ariadne, I Love You by J Ashley-Smith (Meerkat Press)

“The Waiting Room” by Matthew Davis (It Calls from the Doors, Eerie River Publishing)

Cryptid Killers by Alister Hodge (Severed Press)

“The Little One” by Rebecca Fraser (Coralesque and Other Tales to Disturb and Distract, IFWG Publishing)

Dirty Heads by Aaron Dries (Black T-Shirt Books)


Butcherbird by Cassie Hart

An Ill Wind by Martin Livings

The Girls Left Behind by J.P. Townley

Papa Lucy and the Boneman  by Jason Fischer

The Airways by Jennifer Mills

Merfolk by Jeremy Bates

New Story Release: The Dig Tree

Photo by Button Pusher on Pexels.com

13th February 1861: “If I turn my face to the east, I can taste the salt in the sea breeze. However, a murky swampland filled with twisted mangroves blocks our path to the ocean. Had Burke heeded my warning about the extreme weather in this country, we would not be caught in monsoonal rains that threaten to drown us. Father, I am losing faith in my leader. I am losing faith in this expedition. I fear Burke’s ignorance of the perils in this land will see my death before I see your face again —”

The Dig Tree by Pauline Yates

My latest short story, The Dig Tree, is available to read at The Casket of Fictional Delights. It’s also available in podcast and narrated by Jonathan Alley.

The Dig Tree is based on the true story of Robert Burke and William Wills, who together with John King and Charles Gray became the first Europeans to travel the length of Australia from South to North. Combined with diary entries written by Will to his father, the story concerns their struggle to survive Australia’s harsh outback during the final days of their ill-fated journey.

To Read/Listen to The Dig Tree CLICK HERE

Want to read more? The Casket of Fictional Delights is home to many fabulous short stories, flash fiction and podcasts. Check out what they have on offer in their Stories and Podcasts sections.

I hope you enjoy the story and thanks for stopping by.

Twice the Pleasure

Photo by Rodrigo Souza on Pexels.com

My love affair with drabbles continues with my latest acceptance to Black Hare Press Dark Moments Monthly challenge. The theme for February was Lovers and the story had to be exactly 100 words (not including the title). I love creating titles and they can be used to squeeze in some extra words to expand the story. Only twelve drabbles are chosen for publication each month and below are links to my latest successful entries.

Twice the Pleasure – Dark Moments – Lovers – to read CLICK HERE

The January theme was Circus and the link to my entry is here:

The Greatest Show on Earth – Dark Moments – Circus – to read CLICK HERE

Want to read more?

For dark drabble lovers, check out Year Three: Dark Moments and Patreon. Recently published by Black Hare Press, this anthology is a culmination of all the Dark Moments drabbles published during 2021, including selected Patreon drabbles. To Buy CLICK HERE

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the reads.

Photo by Black Hare Press

The Happiness Man

Photo by Aidan Roof on Pexels.com

My latest short story, The Happiness Man, has just been released with Tales to Terrify, a weekly short horror fiction podcast. The story is about love, death, and an ethereal entity that feeds on happiness, and was released to coincide with Women in Horror Month with guest host Meredith Morgenstern, and narrated by Seth Williams.

You can listen to the podcast HERE

I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

‘The Best Medicine’ Author Interview with Caterina Franciosi, “Il Salotto Letterario”, Italy

D’Aguilar Range, Queensland, Australia

I had the honour of being interviewed by Caterina Franciosi, “Il Salotto Letterario”, Italy, about my story The Best Medicine. Before we jump to the interview, here’s some background information:

The Story

The Best Medicine is a horror short story about a wife caring for her acquired brain-injured husband on a remote property in the Australian bush. Written from the wife’s perspective, it explores her grief and anger at their situation and what she does to survive a relationship that is spiraling out of control.

The Best Medicine was the short story category winner in the 2020 AHWA Short Story and Flash Fiction contest and was published in Midnight Echo #16 in 2021.

AHWA partners with RiLL, Italy, and shares winning stories, and The Best Medicine was chosen for translation in the Mondi Incantati series, The Bar Immediately After, also published in 2021.

The Best Medicine has also been selected for the 2022 Bram Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballot for Superior Work in Short Fiction.

The Interviewer

Caterina Franciosi was born in 1990 in a small town on the Adriatic sea coast in Italy. She attended Classical High School and then the faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Cultures at the University of Urbino. In 2018 she opened her l it-blog  “Il Salotto Letterario”, dedicated to interviews and book reviews. She collaborates with several publishing houses, websites, Facebook groups, and magazines, including the cultural association Italian Sword & Sorcery in the short story section and the magazine Life Factory Magazine in the review and interview section. She published short stories in various anthologies. For the digital publishing house Delos Digital she published: “The rain remembers – La pioggia ricorda” (2020), “Terra nova” (2020), “The empty coat – Il cappotto vuoto” (2021), “Shadow of a prince – L’ombra di un principe” (2021), “Project Mathilda – Progetto Mathilda”(2021),“Crooked pumpkin, empty pumpkin– Zucca storta, zucca vuota”(2021), “The boarding school– Il collegio”(2021). For the publishing house Milena Edizioni  she wrote  “Ballo in Maschera – The Masquerade Ball” (2021). For Plesio Editore, she participated in the fantasy Japanese anthology “Ramen Fantasy” (2021).

Her thoughts about The Best Medicine:

What I liked best about “The Best Medicine” has been its visual and emotional power: claustrophobic atmospheres, unique protagonists, a neverending sense of mystery and a series of unexpected events make this short story unforgettable. It made me shiver from the beginning to the end for the complexity of its themes and for the sense of sacrifice and guilt which permeate every word.  

The Interview:

It was a pleasure chatting with Caterina about the story behind The Best Medicine, and a little about me. The full interview can be found here, easily translated into English using google translate:

The Best Medicine’ Author Interview with Caterina Franciosi, “Il Salotto Letterario”, Italy

D’Aguilar Range, Queensland, Australia

Further reading:

About AHWA: https://australasianhorror.com/

About Midnight Echo #16: https://www.amazon.com.au/Midnight-Echo-16-Tim-Hawken/dp/0645001937/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=Midnight+Echo+%2316&qid=1639266300&sr=8-2

About RiLL: https://www.rill.it/node/2

About Mondi Incantati series: https://www.rill.it/il-bar-subito-dopo?fbclid=IwAR2VepsMynNQyBW_h_ZaxLUbdLfeQEDtlv8zFcLngpUwvZYmnBkMLuknj9k

About The Bar Immediately After: https://www.amazon.it/dp/8832198991

About Author Interview with RiLL for The Bar Immediately After: https://www.rill.it/intervista-collettiva-RWT-MI2021?fbclid=IwAR0qujdq7cTPCkPOEAkx6AOGkVHTeaolO4U1vFTS2mhXFpHOwqDoW0DxIzs

About 2022 Bram Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballot: https://www.thebramstokerawards.com/news/the-2022-bram-stoker-awards-preliminary-ballot/

Before You Go

Photo by Andrew on Pexels.com

Before you go, the box you shoved in my corner contains another piece of you and while I never grow tired of looking at previous pieces of you, it would be nice to chat about which part of your sixty-five years you want to keep, or hide, or forget so I know if it’s a permanent addition to your collection, or if you plan on returning for it in the near future; I categorize the boxes by importance, you see, crucial for my well-being because while I’m happy to guard your precious memories—that’s what attics do, after all—you need to consider that it’s not material items you store in these boxes but emotions attached to memories and the longer a box stays in my possession the deeper I absorb the feelings, and sometimes the melancholy I absorb can get quite bad, though I think that’s partly due to my location in the house; the topmost floor, never thought about until I’m needed, and I’m not the nicest place to visit, I admit, only a vent in the apex which means there’s no wind, and the dust settles, and the silverfish breed and though I don’t mind their company, it is difficult to keep them out of your boxes; they’re the sneakiest things, silverfish, slipping through the smallest of gaps, especially the boxes in my southern corner because the chimney runs up the outside of that wall and in winter when you burn the fire day and night, the area is quite warm, though I must admit, I’d rather silverfish than mice; thankfully they are happy to live in the basement which is a far better place for mice; being closer to the earth they can burrow which is what mice like to do, but it’s worth mentioning while we’re on that topic that I overheard the basement groaning about a crack in the foundations, possibly caused by the burrowing mice, and the area is wet because of a leaking tap outside, which is probably why the mice are there; they’d have a source of water, you see, but that does raise another worry because where’s there’s water, there are termites and you can’t be too careful with termites; I’d die if they ever got into my beams, but I suppose if they made it this far, then the entire house would need to be demolished, which would be a shame because I quite like being here, looking after your treasures, and I’m not sure how I’d feel about another attic replacing me, which is morbid to think about, so if you wouldn’t mind checking in with the basement and fixing that leaky tap, I’d be forever grateful, even though I know you don’t like the basement because it’s dank and cranky and smells like something nasty crawled into it, but the basement has feelings too, and it would love your company, just as I have enjoyed your company, even if only for a moment.


Before You Go was long-listed in the Australian Writers Centre Furious Fiction September 2021 Short Story writing competition and required the following prompts:

  • Your story must include EITHER an attic OR a basement.
  • Your story must include some kind of insect.
  • Your story must include the words EARTH, WIND, FIRE and WATER.

To view the winning and shortlisted stories and learn more about the competition CLICK HERE

The 2021 Bram Stoker Awards® Preliminary Ballot Announced which includes THE BEST MEDICINE

I was so excited to see this in my email today. The 2021 Bram Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballot has been announced and I’m stunned and honored that THE BEST MEDICINE made the list for Superior Achievement in Short Fiction.

It’s only the preliminary ballot but this is a huge achievement for me. The next step is for Active and Lifetime Members of the HWA to determine a shortlist for the final ballot. It would be wonderful to make that list too, but for now, I’m so happy to be included with some fantastic horror authors.

The full list of nominees is below, and a huge congratulations to all.

The 2021 Bram Stoker Awards® Preliminary Ballot

Superior Achievement in a Novel

Castro, V. – The Queen of the Cicadas (Flame Tree Press)

Demchuk, David – Red X (Strange Light)

Hendrix, Grady – The Final Girl Support Group (Berkley)

Jones, Stephen Graham – My Heart Is a Chainsaw (Gallery/Saga Press)

Knight, EV – Children of Demeter (Raw Dog Screaming Press)

McLeod Chapman, Clay – Whisper Down the Lane (Quirk Books)

Pelayo, Cynthia – Children of Chicago (Agora Books)

Starling, Caitlin – The Death of Jane Lawrence (St. Martin’s Press)

Stred, Steve – Incarnate (Black Void Publishing)

Wendig, Chuck – The Book of Accidents (Del Rey)

Superior Achievement in a First Novel

Desiree, Amanda – Smithy (Inkshares)

Fox, VK – Indie Saint (Aethon Books)

Jones, C.B. – TheRules of the Road (Ionosphere Press)

Martinez, S. Alessandro – Helminth (Omnium Gatherum)

McQueen, LaTanya – When the Reckoning Comes (Harper Perennial)

Miles, Terry – Rabbits (Del Rey)

Moreno, Gus – This Thing Between Us (MCD x FSG Originals)

Piper, Hailey – Queen of Teeth (Strangehouse Books)

Quigley, Lisa – The Forest (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing)

Willson, Nicole – Tidepool (The Parliament House)

Superior Achievement in a Graphic Novel

Ahmed, Saladin (author) and Kivelä, Sami (artist) – Abbott 1973 (BOOM! Studios)

Garcia, Kami (author); Suayan, Mico (artist); Badower, Jason (artist); and Mayhew, Mike (artist) – Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity (DC Comics)

Leong, Sloane (author) and Bowles, Anna (artist) – Graveneye (TKO Studios)

Manzetti, Alessandro (author) and Cardoselli, Stefano (artist) – The Inhabitant of the Lake (Independent Legions Publishing)

McCurdy, Bowen (author/artist) and Musto, Kaitlyn (author) – Specter Inspectors (BOOM! Box)

Morrison, Grant (author); Child, Alex (author); and Franquiz, Naomi (artist) – Proctor Valley Road (BOOM! Studios)

Moyer, Rich (author/artist) – Ham Helsing Vampire Hunter (Crown Books for Young Readers) 

Panosian, Dan (author) and Ignazzi, Marianna (artist) – An Unkindness of Ravens (BOOM! Studios)

Scott, Cavan (author) and Howell, Corin (artist) – Shadow Service: Dark Arts (Vault Comics)

Szym, Adam (author/artist) – A Cordial Invitation (Self-published)

Superior Achievement in a Young Adult Novel

Ames, Alison – To Break a Covenant (Page Street Kids)

Blake, Kendare – All These Bodies (Quill Tree Books)

Boyle, R.L. – The Book of the Baku (Titan Books)

Craig, Erin A. – Small Favors (Delacorte Press)

Gould, Courtney – The Dead and the Dark (Wednesday Books) 

Lewis, Jessica – Bad Witch Burning (Delacorte Press)

Marshall, Kate Alice – Our Last Echoes (Viking Books for Young Readers)

Polydoros, Aden – The City Beautiful (Inkyard Press)

Sutherland, Krystal – House of Hollow (G.P. Putnam’s Sons)

Waters, Erica – The River Has Teeth (HarperTeen)

Superior Achievement in Long Fiction

Asman, Brian – Man, Fuck This House (Mutated Media)

Castro, V. – Goddess of Filth (Creature Publishing, LLC)

Deady, Tom – Of Men and Monsters (Crystal Lake Publishing)

Jeffery, Ross – Only The Stains Remain (Cemetery Gates Media)

Khaw, Cassandra – Nothing But Blackened Teeth (Tor Nightfire)

LaRocca, Eric – Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke (Weirdpunk Books)

Marrs, Chris and O’Neill, Gene – “Entangled Soul” (Entangled Soul and Other Stories) (Omnium Gatherum)

Piper, Hailey – “Recitation of the First Feeding” (Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy) (The Seventh Terrace)

Strand, Jeff – “Twentieth Anniversary Screening” (Slice and Dice) (Independently published)

Tingle, Chuck – Straight (Self-published)

Superior Achievement in Short Fiction

Gwilym, Douglas – “Year Six” (LampLight Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 1) (Apokrupha)

Gyzander, Carol – “The Yellow Crown” (Under Twin Suns: Alternate Histories of the Yellow Sign) (Hippocampus Press)

Joseph, R.J. – “I Just Want to Be Free” (Paranormal Contact: A Quiet Horror Confessional) (Cemetery Gates Media)

Joseph, R.J. – “Soulmates” (Dark Dispatch Issue #2: Deadly Love) (Dark Dispatch)

Murray, Lee – “Permanent Damage” (Attack From the ‘80s) (Raw Dog Screaming Press)

O’Quinn, Cindy – “A Gathering at the Mountain” (The Bad Book) (Bleeding Edge Books)

Oreto, Frank J. – “The Care and Feeding of Household Gods” (Beyond the Veil) (Flame Tree Press)

Taborska, Anna -“Two Shakes Of A Dead Lamb’s Tail”(Terror Tales of the Scottish Lowlands) (Telos Publishing)

Ward, Kyla Lee – “A Whisper in the Death Pit” (Weirdbook #44) (Wildside Press)

Yates, Pauline – “The Best Medicine” (Midnight Echo Issue 16) (AHWA)

Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection

Bailey, Michael – Psychotropic Dragon (Written Backwards)

Baxter, Alan – The Gulp (13th Dragon Books)

Files, Gemma – In That Endlessness, Our End (Grimscribe Press)

Fracassi, Philip – Beneath a Pale Sky (Lethe Press)

Landry, Jess – The Mother Wound (Independent Legions Publishing)

Maberry, Jonathan – Empty Graves: Tales of the Living Dead (WordFire Press LLC)

McCarthy, J.A.W. – Sometimes We’re Cruel and Other Stories (Cemetery Gates Media)

Tuttle, Lisa – The Dead Hours of Night (Valancourt Books)

Wise, A.C. – The Ghost Sequences (Undertow Publications)

Yap, Isabel – Never Have I Ever (Small Beer Press)

Superior Achievement in a Screenplay

Bailey-Bond, Prano and Fletcher, Anthony – Censor (Silver Salt Films)

Carolyn, Axelle – The Manor (Amazon Studios)

Chaisson, C. Henry; Antosca, Nick; and Cooper, Scott – Antlers (Searchlight Pictures)

Charles, Kathy; Steensland, Mark; and Stevens, Travis – Jakob’s Wife (AMP International)

Cushing, Aric and Thomas, Logan – There’s No Such Thing as Vampires (Ascent Releasing)

Dong-hyuk, Hwang – Squid Game, Season 1, Episode 1: “Red Light, Green Light” (Siren Pictures) 

Flanagan, Mike; Flanagan, James; and Howard, Jeff – Midnight Mass, Season 1, Episode 6: “Book VI: Acts of the Apostles” (Intrepid Pictures)

Graziadei, Phil and Janiak, Leigh – Fear Street: Part One – 1994 (Chernin Entertainment)

Peele, Jordan; Rosenfeld, Win; and DaCosta, Nia – Candyman (Universal Pictures)

Pisanthanakun, Banjong – The Medium (GDH 559)

Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection

Garza, Alexander P. – notsleepyyet (Weasel Press)

Lansdale, Joe R. – Apache Witch and Other Poetic Observations (Independent Legions Publishing)

Manzetti, Alessandro – Dancing with Maria’s Ghost (Independent Legions Publishing)

McHugh, Jessica – Strange Nests (Apokrupha)

O’Brien, Brandon – Can You Sign My Tentacle? (Interstellar Flight Press)

Simon, Marge and Turzillo, Mary – Victims (Weasel Press)

Sng, Christina; Yuriko Smith, Angela; Murray, Lee; and Flynn, Geneve – Tortured Willows: Bent. Bowed. Unbroken. (Yuriko Publishing)

Snyder, Lucy A. – Exposed Nerves (Raw Dog Screaming Press)

Walrath, Holly Lyn – The Smallest of Bones (CLASH Books)

Wolfe, Jezzy – Monstrum Poetica (Raw Dog Screaming Press)

Superior Achievement in an Anthology

Chambers, James – Under Twin Suns: Alternate Histories of the Yellow Sign (Hippocampus Press)

Cluff, Michael and Becker, Willow – Humans are the Problem: A Monster’s Anthology (Weird Little Worlds)

Datlow, Ellen – When Things Get Dark: Stories Inspired by Shirley Jackson (Titan Books) 

French, Aaron J. and Landry, Jess – There is No Death, There are No Dead (Crystal Lake Publishing)

Guignard, Eric J. – Professor Charlatan Bardot’s Travel Anthology to the Most (Fictional) Haunted Buildings in the Weird, Wild World (Dark Moon Books)

HOWL Society – Howls From Hell (HOWL Society Press)

Johnson, Eugene – Attack From the ‘80s (Raw Dog Screaming Press)

Schlossberg, Josh – The Jewish Book of Horror (Denver Horror Collective) 

Showers, Brian J. – Uncertainties: Volume V (Swan River Press)

Thomas, Ben – Tales from Omnipark (House Blackwood)

Superior Achievement in Non-Fiction

Abbott, Stacey and Jowett, Lorna – Global TV Horror (University of Wales Press)

Decker, Lindsey – Transnationalism and Genre Hybridity in New British Horror Cinema (University of Wales Press)

Falvey, Eddie; Hickinbottom, Joe; and Wroot, Jonathan – New Blood: Critical Approaches to Contemporary Horror (University of Wales Press)

Olson, Danel – 9/11 Gothic: Decrypting Ghosts and Trauma in New York City’s Terrorism Novels (Lexington Books)

Knost, Michael – Writers Workshop of Horror 2 (Hydra Publications)

Lester, Catherine – Horror Films for Children: Fear and Pleasure in American Cinema (Bloomsbury Academic)

Potts, Jim – Defending a Serial Killer: The Right to Counsel (Vesuvian Books)

Wetmore Jr., Kevin J. – Eaters of the Dead: Myths and Realities of Cannibal Monsters (Reaktion Books)

Weinstock, Jeffrey Andrew and Hansen, Regina M. – Giving the Devil His Due: Satan and 

Cinema (Fordham University Press)

Woofter, Kristopher – Shirley Jackson: A Companion (Peter Lang Publishing)

Superior Achievement in Short Non-Fiction

Clasen, Mathias – “Fear Not!” (Aeon)

Cowen, David E. – “Introduction” (Victims) (Weasel Press)

Ward, Kyla Lee – “Vampire Poetry” (Penumbra No. 2 (2021)) (Hippocampus Press)

Diak, Nicholas – “Cullzathro Fhtagn! Magnifying the Carnivalesque in Lovecraft Through the Comic Book Series Vinegar Teeth” (Academia Letters)

Ognjanović, Dejan – “The Three Paradigms of Horror” (Vastarien Vol. 4, Issue 2) (Grimscribe Press)

O’Quinn, Cindy – “One and Done” (Were Tales: A Shapeshifter Anthology) (Brigids Gate Press)

Tamásfi, László – “The Devil Flew Away”(Dracula’s Death)(Strangers from Nowhere)    

Verona, Emily Ruth – “A Horror Fan’s Guide to Surviving Womanhood” (thefinalgirls.co.uk)  

Wetmore, Kevin J. – “Devil’s Advocates: The Conjuring” (Auteur Publishing/Liverpool University Press)

Yuriko Smith, Angela – “Horror Writers: Architects of Hope” (The Sirens Call, Halloween 2021, Issue 55) (Sirens Call Publications)

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