New Release: Memories Don’t Lie Black Hare PressMarch 2023

Short Fiction (>1000 words)

Dream Job: TBA

New Release: The Museum of Inspiration – Museum Piece: an unusual collection edited by B Morris Allen May 2023

New Release: Hell Gully’ – IFWG Publishing: Killer Creatures Down Under: Horror Stories with BiteMay 2023

New Release: ‘Mirror Mirror – Tales of Fear, Superstition, and Doom – Redwood Press March 2023

“Renascent”Pseudopod – Podcast (Horror)August 2022

“The Killing Pen” – That is TOO Wrong! An Anthology of offbeat horror: Vol II August 2022

“Security Upgrade” – Black Hare Press/Patreon – July 2022

“The Dig Tree” The Casket of Fictional Delights – Historical fiction – March 2022

“The Happiness Man” Tales to Terrify – PodcastFeb 2022

“Day 33” Black Hare PressJanuary 2022

The Best MedicineMidnight Echo #16November 2021

“The Best Medicine” translatedThe Bar Immediately After, Mondi Incantati Series, RiLL (Italy)- Nov 2021 About the Mondi Incantati Series, RiLL (Italy)

“The Jump” – Redwood Press – The Lost Librarians Grave October 2021

“The Secret Keeper” – Metaphorosis Magazine – Read/Podcast/BuyJune 2021

Renascent Aurealis2019

“Seven” Bete Noire April 2019

ReplicaAbyss & ApexJune 2018

“Raising Mira” – Score: an SFF Symphony – Metaphorosis Books – short story – science fiction – anthology – to buy CLICK HERE

“An Aftertaste of Earth” – Metaphorosis Magazine – to read CLICK HERE

“In the Absence of Time” – 5×5 Writers Edition

“Replica” – Best Vegan Science Fiction and Fantasy

“When the Tide Turns” – to read CLICK HERE

“Embracing Fate” – to read CLICK HERE

“Drop Zone” – to read CLICK HERE

“Trick or Treat” – to read CLICK HERE

“Rock Bottom” – to read CLICK HERE

“Partners in Crime” – Editors Pick – to read CLICK HERE

“When the Tide Turns” Podcast by L. A. Rivers CLICK HERE


New Release: The Dollhouse – Nightmare Fuel Magazine – June 2023

‘The Taste of You’ – Nightmare Fuel Magazine – February 2023

The Ghost of Christmas Past – Nightmare Fuel Magazine – December 2022

The Now Effect Etherea Magazine Issue 11June 2022

“Oh, Christmas Tree” – Long List – Furious Fiction December 2021

“Cooked” – to read CLICK HERE – to listen CLICK HERE

“Flying Home for Christmas” – Shortlist – Furious Fiction November 2021

“Before You Go” – Longlist – Furious Fiction September 2021

“Steps” – Flash fiction – to read CLICK HERE

“Missing Anna” – Flash fiction – drama – to read CLICK HERE

“The Sweetest Thing” – Flash fiction – comedy – to read CLICK HERE

“Toil and Trouble” – to read CLICK HERE

“Love and Cherish” – to read CLICK HERE

DRABBLES (100 words)

‘Karma’, ‘Gone to the Dogs’, & ‘A Run of Bad Luck’ – Run Rabbit Run – Black Hare Press – April 2023

‘Aya’s Makami’ – Black Hare Press – Dark Moment/Anime Horror – March 2023

‘Love-Struck’ – Love Me, Love Me Not – Black Hare Press February 2023

‘Spooned’ – Black Hare Press – Dark Moments/Asylums – January 2023

‘A Pony For Christmas’ -Black Hare Press – Dark Moments/Christmas – December 2022

‘First Person, Present Tense.’ – Black Hare Press – Dark Moments/AI – December 2022

“The Devil’s Breath” – Black Hare Press/Dark Moments: Shipwrecks – October 2022

‘Payback’ & ‘Mrs Nagalot – Nom Nom: Hallowe’en Dark Drabbles – Black Hare Press – October 2022

“Drained” – Black Hare Press/Dark Moments: How to Stop a Zombie Apocalypse – September 2022

“Fallen Angels” – Black Hare Press/Dark Moments: Nephilim – September 2022

“Bon Appetit’“- Horror Tree/Trembling with FearAugust 2022

“Breathe”Plague (4 Horseman Book 3) Iron Faerie Publishing – August 2022

“Gone Fishing” Dark Moments/Killer FlamingoesJune 2022

“Petals Don’t Lie”Horror Tree/Trembling With Fear April 2022

“Pinch” Dark Moments/ZipsApril 2022

“A Pact with the Devil” Black Ink FictionApril 2022

“Dressed to Kill” Dark Moments/ZipsApril 2022

“Blindsided”, “Dead Promise”, “A.M.A.N.D.A.”, & “New Sight” – Punk: Cyber/Bio/Diesel/Steam – Black Hare Press – March 2022

“Twice The Pleasure” Dark Moments/LoversFebruary 2022

“The Greatest Show on Earth” Dark Moments/Circus – January 2022

“Naughty and Nice”Dark Moments/ChristmasDecember 2021

“Kuntilanak “Dark Moments/Myths and LegendsNovember 2021

“Pumpkin Head” Dark Moments/HalloweenOctober 2021

“Stranger Danger” Dark Moments/UnderwaterSeptember 2021

“Dual” Dark Moments/WarAugust 2021

“Clean Sheet” Dark Moments/PurgeJuly 2021

“Well Done” 666 Dark Drabbles – AnthologyJune 2021


New Release: Reluctantly Kindred – The Stygian Lepus Magazine – May 2023 Issue – Black Hare Press May 2023

“Ascension”, “Destiny”, & “The Fox’s Cry” – Eldritch and Ether (Poetry Book 1) May 2022


“Rumours Uncut” – Digital Interactive Story/Thriller/PG – Story City Creatives

GOA Billboards (8-word stories)

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