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‘The Taste of You’ – Nightmare Fuel

‘Love-Struck’ – Black Hare Press – Valentine

‘Hell Gully’ – IFWG Publishing: Killer Creatures Down Under: Horror Stories with Bite

‘Mirror | rorriM’ – Redwood Press/Superstition

Publications – Short Fiction

‘Spooned’ – Black Hare Press – Dark Moments/Asylums – January 2023

The Ghost of Christmas Past – Nightmare Fuel Magazine – December 2022

‘A Pony For Christmas’ -Black Hare Press – Dark Moments/Christmas – December 2022

‘First Person, Present Tense.’ – Black Hare Press – Dark Moments/AI – December 2022

“The Devil’s Breath” – Black Hare Press/Dark Moments: Shipwrecks – October 2022

“Payback” – Nom Nom: Hallowe’en Dark Drabbles – Black Hare Press – October 2022

“Mrs Nagalot” – Nom Nom: Hallowe’en Dark Drabbles – Black Hare Press – October 2022

“Drained” – Black Hare Press/Dark Moments: How to stop a Zombie Apocalypse – September 2022

“Fallen Angels” – Black Hare Press/Dark Moments: Nephilim – September 2022

“Bon Appetit’“- Horror Tree/Trembling with FearAugust 2022

“Renascent”Pseudopod – Podcast (Horror)August 2022

“Breathe” – Iron Faerie Publishing – Plague (4 Horseman Book 3)August 2022

“The Killing Pen” – That is TOO Wrong! An anthology of offbeat horror: Vol IIAugust 2022

“Security Upgrade” – Black Hare Press/Patreon – July 2022

The Now Effect Etherea Magazine Issue 11June 2022

“Gone Fishing” Dark Moments/Killer FlamingoesJune 2022

“Ascension” Eldritch and Ether (Poetry Book 1)May 2022

“Destiny” Eldritch and Ether (Poetry Book 1) May 2022

“The Fox’s Cry” Eldritch and Ether (Poetry Book 1) May 2022

“Petals Don’t Lie”Horror Tree/Trembling With Fear April 2022

“Pinch” Dark Moments/ZipsApril 2022

“A Pact with the Devil” Black Ink FictionApril 2022

“Dressed to Kill” Dark Moments/ZipsApril 2022

“The Dig Tree” The Casket of Fictional Delights – Historical fiction – March 2022

“Dead Promise” Punk: Cyber/Bio/Diesel/SteamMarch 2022

“A.M.A.N.D.A. “Punk: Cyber/Bio/Diesel/SteamMarch 2022

“Blindsided” Punk: Cyber/Bio/Diesel/Steam March 2022

“New Sight” Punk: Cyber/Bio/Diesel/SteamMarch 2022

“Twice The Pleasure” Dark Moments/LoversFebruary 2022

“The Happiness Man” Tales to Terrify – PodcastFeb 2022

“The Greatest Show on Earth” Dark Moments/Circus – January 2022

“Oh, Christmas Tree” – Long List – Furious Fiction December 2021

“Naughty and Nice”Dark Moments/ChristmasDecember 2021

“Day 33” Black Hare PressJanuary 2022

The Best MedicineMidnight Echo #16November 2021

“The Best Medicine” translatedThe Bar Immediately After, Mondi Incantati Series, RiLL (Italy)- Nov 2021 About the Mondi Incantati Series, RiLL (Italy)

“Flying Home for Christmas” – Shortlist – Furious Fiction November 2021

“Kuntilanak “Dark Moments/Myths and LegendsNovember 2021

“The Jump” – Redwood Press – The Lost Librarians Grave October 2021

“Pumpkin Head” Dark Moments/HalloweenOctober 2021

“Before You Go” – Longlist – Furious Fiction September 2021

“Stranger Danger” Dark Moments/UnderwaterSeptember 2021

“Dual” Dark Moments/WarAugust 2021

“Clean Sheet” Dark Moments/PurgeJuly 2021

“The Secret Keeper” – Metaphorosis Magazine – Read/Podcast/BuyJune 2021

“Well Done” 666 Dark Drabbles – Anthology

Renascent Aurealis2019

“Seven” Bete Noire April 2019

ReplicaAbyss & ApexJune 2018

“Raising Mira” – Score: an SFF Symphony – Metaphorosis Books – short story – science fiction – anthology – to buy CLICK HERE

“An Aftertaste of Earth” – Metaphorosis Magazine – to read CLICK HERE

“In the Absence of Time” – 5×5 Writers Edition

“Replica” – Best Vegan Science Fiction and Fantasy

“When the Tide Turns” – to read CLICK HERE

“Cooked” – to read CLICK HERE – to listen CLICK HERE

“Steps” – Flash fiction – to read CLICK HERE

“Missing Anna” – Flash fiction – drama – to read CLICK HERE

“The Sweetest Thing” – Flash fiction – comedy – to read CLICK HERE

“Toil and Trouble” – to read CLICK HERE

“Embracing Fate” – to read CLICK HERE

“Drop Zone” – to read CLICK HERE

“Trick or Treat” – to read CLICK HERE

“Rock Bottom” – to read CLICK HERE

“Partners in Crime” – Editors Pick – to read CLICK HERE

“Rumours Uncut” – Digital Interactive Story/Thriller/PG

“Love and Cherish” – to read CLICK HERE

“When the Tide Turns” Podcast by L. A. Rivers CLICK HERE

GOA Billboards – 8-word stories:

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