The First Draft is the Idea; Editing Finds the Story.

A writer chat with Savannah Gilbo, Fiction Writing Made Easy Podcast I had the pleasure of chatting with Savannah Gilbo on her Fiction Writing Made Easy Podcast. Savannah helped with the structural edits in my new release, Memories Don’t Lie. We talked about the editing process that she took me through, how I turned anContinue reading “The First Draft is the Idea; Editing Finds the Story.”

New Story Release and Author Interview

SHORT STORY RELEASE: My latest short story, Mirror Mirror, has just been released in Tales of Fear, Superstition, and Doom, the latest anthology by Redwood Press. This superb collection of short dark fiction contains twenty-seven terrifying tales from a diverse group of authors. This is the second story I’ve sold to this publication, the firstContinue reading “New Story Release and Author Interview”

Release Day – Memories Don’t Lie

DIGITAL PAPERBACK HARDCOVER Sarah Wilson, orphaned niece of Lieutenant John Wilson, is determined to escape his restrictive upbringing and find her place in the world. Her journey takes a deadly turn when she uncovers secrets about her past, hidden deep in her mother’s memories, that threaten everything Sarah wants. They could cost her everything sheContinue reading “Release Day – Memories Don’t Lie”