Writing Contests

AHWA 2020 Flash Fiction/Short Story Competition:

“The Best Medicine” – Winner – Short Story Category


NYCMidnight Short Story and Flash Fiction Competitions:


‘Spies Like Me’ – NYCMidnight Flash Fiction Challenge Round 1 – 5th place

Accural” – NYCMidnight Microfiction Challenge Round 1 – 7th/63 (approx)


Yellow Lion (FF/Round One/4th place)

Happily Forever After (250wrd/Round One/4th place)


The Dig Tree (Round One/4th place)

Han Solo in a Jar (Round Two/2nd place)

Implosion: (FF/Round One/8th place)

Cooked (FF/Round Two/2nd place)


Rock Bottom (SemiFinals/1st place)


Super Trouble (Round Two/Hon Men.)

The Heart of the Matter (Round 1/Top Five)


Last Bets (Round One/1st place)

The Trip of a Lifetime (FF/Round 1/6th)


Johnny Light Fingers (Round One/1st place)

Three Drops for a Future (Round Two/1st place)

Die Another Way (FF/Top Five)


The Audition (Round one/1st)

Grave Secrets (FF/Round One/Top 5)

Miss Contrievable (FF/Round Two/Top 5)


The Best of Times Short Story Competition 2020 :

“Han Solo in a Jar” – Commended


2017 Yeah Write Short Story Competition:

Man of the House (Top Ten)


2015 Editors Choice – The Short Fiction Break:

Partners in Crime


2015 Writer Unboxed Flash Fiction Competition:

Steps (Final/4th place)

Toil and Trouble (Heats/equal 1st place)


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