Pauline Yates

– Horror – Sci-fi – Fantasy –

Short story writer

and Author of

Memories Don’t Lie

– a fast-paced sci-fi action/adventure –

Don’t let him find her.

MY DEAD MOTHER’S DESPERATE PLEA takes my thoughts hostage, shattering my composure and
threatening the freedom I long for. Why am I remembering this when nothing’s happened in the last thirteen
years? All my focus needs to be on passing my final sharpshooting assessment. The cryptic recollection
should be the last thing on my mind.

Excerpt: Memories Don’t Lie by Pauline Yates

Sarah Wilson, the orphaned niece of Lieutenant John Wilson, is determined to escape his restrictive upbringing and find her place in the world. 

Her journey takes a deadly turn when she uncovers secrets about her past, hidden deep in her mother’s memories, that threaten everything Sarah wants.

They could cost her everything she holds dear—and her life.

Artwork by Chryselle Webb
Available in digital, paperback and hardcover:’tLie


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Artwork by Chryselle Webb

Praise for Memories Don’t Lie:

A new twist on genetic manipulation which unfolds over a well crafted storyline. Characters on an emotional rollercoaster to cheer for and some nasty villains to jeer for…

GoodReads – Read the full review here.

This work expertly balances the internal uncertainties of a seventeen year old with the unrelenting action of a thriller … extremely well done given the need for the use of memory to be so central to the story…

Strongly recommend…

GoodReads – Read the full review here.

The book stands out by shifting from the standard ‘lone rogue on the run’ and giving us a rich cast of characters who help Sarah on her journey to uncover exactly who, or what, she is … the novel has a cinematic quality which makes it highly readable … recommended for anyone seeking exciting action, deep questions about the human mind, and sci-fi with a strong human heart…

Goodreads – Read the full review here.

Exploring genetic mutations and memories, and layers of expertly pulled-off secrets and reveals, this action-packed sci-fi story is as thrilling as it is entertaining. Full of characters you’ll want to root for, a touch of romance, and twists that will have you turning every page, it’s a confident and well-written debut from an author who knows how to craft an adventurous and edgy tale.

GoodReads -Read the full review here.

From the first chapter, Sarah Wilson’s story grabs you like a rabid dog and shakes you in its mouth until the final page. Memories Don’t Lie is jam-packed with fast-paced action … an outstanding debut novel and I can’t wait to read more from this author.

Goodreads – Read the full review here.
Artwork by Chryselle Webb

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