Pauline Yates

Memories Don’t Lie,

a fast-paced sci-fi action/adventure, releases

11th March, 2023.

Don’t let him find her.

MY DEAD MOTHER’S DESPERATE PLEA takes my thoughts hostage, shattering my composure and
threatening the freedom I long for. Why am I remembering this when nothing’s happened in the last thirteen
years? All my focus needs to be on passing my final sharpshooting assessment. The cryptic recollection
should be the last thing on my mind.

Excerpt: Memories Don’t Lie by Pauline Yates

Sarah Wilson, orphaned niece of Lieutenant John Wilson, is determined to escape his restrictive upbringing and find her place in the world. 

Her journey takes a deadly turn when she uncovers secrets about her past, hidden deep in her mother’s memories, that threaten everything Sarah wants.

They could cost her everything she holds dear—and her life.

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